Oxygen Corps Computers have many strings to their bow such as Symfony software development, WordPress, MySQL, PHP and many more. But, what do we enjoy doing most?

We are currently working on a project using Symfony 5, MySQL with utilising technologies such as Docker, Phinx and many more 3 party libraries. We have also decided to use a ReactJS frontend which utilises Redux, FireBase and much more. This project is a huge interest to us for reasons such as:

  1. We get to pick the tech stack
  2. We have full control over how we test and code the project
  3. We can use our skills in project management and Scrum
  4. We can collaborate with the business to output the best solution
  5. We can use brand new technologies which we have never used before

This being said, we are utilising a lot of the skills our team has to offer and we are providing the best quality service and creating a strong relationship with our client.

Oxygen Corps Computers also build websites using WordPress. This kind of project is utilising PHP and our knowledge on Plugins, custom PHP, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery. This is a different type of project which means we enjoy this for other reasons such as:

  1. Utilising the WordPress Skills we have
  2. Learning new and innovative plugins provided by 3rd Parties
  3. Enabling new ideas to be created with JavaScript/jQuery
  4. Creating beautiful designs with the use of Bootstrap and CSS
  5. Ensuring our sites are entirely mobile friendly

WordPress has been our bread and butter for projects for a while now and we love doing them still to this day. Yes, some projects can be a lot more challenging for us but we enjoy the design, the JavaScript fun and the ease of customers being able to use the WordPress CMS once we have packaged it off and sent it into the world wide web!

So to answer your question, we love all aspects of design, building, web software and design. We love to code and our favourite thing about our job is satisfying our customers with the best solution and the one they are happy with!