Oxygen Corps needed a major rebrand to catch up with the current design world! Web Design, Software Development is our core focus at Oxygen. If you have seen some of our old brandings you will know our red and blue logo. I started Oxygen Corps back in 2015 when I started learning about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Then started working with PHP development in 2016. Throughout the years I’ve had a few roles as a Full-stack PHP developer working in the Midlands.

Originally, I worked with an incredibly old legacy coded system, I gained a lot of valuable experience. I then moved over to newer systems in my next role which taught me a bit but not a lot because the company let me down. I then moved into a role that used a PHP back office system and a WordPress frontend site. This gave me the confidence to work with WordPress with Oxygen Corps. Over this Coronavirus my partner and I have taken so many hits such as my partner’s business struggling to then thriving, we were supposed to get married on the 23rd of October 2020 and go on our honeymoon. We also had the loss of someone very dear to us both, my partners Nan. She was the definition of life itself and it has been such a strange and hard loss.

That being said, we both sat down and talked. My partner is pushing her business NatureMakes even further whilst she is doing amazing and I have decided to give mine the push it needed. The rebrand of our logo has gone hand in hand with the design of the new site and I proud to show you all that Oxygen Corps is capable of. Our new branding gives me a bigger sense of belonging and makes me feel proud of what I have created! We. Are. Oxygen. Corps. Web Design and Software Developing in the East Midlands, Measham, Appleby Magna, Ashby de le Zouche, and we have clients in the likes of Liverpool, Wallasey, and Swindon! So if you’re looking for a personal touch from a Web Design and Software Developing company we go the extra mile!

I look forward to our new projects!

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Tom Founder and Lead Developer