Oxygen Corps are web software, web design, and backoffice development specialists.

Firstly, Oxygen Corps have been working in the software industry for over 6 years working with an array of companies around the country. We are currently based in the East Midlands but have worked with customers in the North-West and Southern region of the UK. We create software solutions, frontend websites utilising WordPress, and bespoke software. In other words, if you need a website or software solution created Oxygen Corps has got you covered.

Oxygen Corps has relationships with clients all over the country and we love to keep those relationships close! We also know that all businesses are different and no job is the same! We don’t just make websites, backoffice systems, and support you in IT, we work with you every step of the way. For a bit of a personal touch to our company, we have outlined our founder’s developer story in the timeline below. Above all, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and ensure our clients are happy with the product/service we provide.

Oxygen Timeline

Oxygen Timeline

2014 – Learnt first line of Java

In 2014 Oxygen Corps founder Tom learnt his first line of code in the Java Language, from then on he was obsessed with learning how to code.

2015 – Oxygen Corps was founded

Once Tom had figured out how to code he discovered a web-based language called PHP and started Oxygen Corps!

2016 – First Commercial Web Development Role

In 2016 Tom took on his first Web Development role in Wallasey as a Junior. This taught him skills such as Procedural PHP, jQuery, JavaScript ES5, HTML, and CSS. He was also able to use his MySQL learning for the first time!

2017 – Graduated from Liverpool John Moores

Tom graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a 2:1 and moved to the East Midlands to start his first role. He also got his first client in the midlands

2020 – Experience and Oxygen

Tom has gained valuable experience working with 4 companies in the midlands as a PHP Developer and worked with many clients freelance. During Coronavirus Tom has wanted to give Oxygen Corps the push it needs. Are you going to be part of the Oxygen Corps story?